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"I am so glad I had my surgery, it has changed my life. Mr. Currie was very friendly and reassuring, I thought he was wonderful."
Mrs. S.T

"I had a very successful operation, it was very straightforward and Mr. Currie explained everything to me so it was clear what would be happening.

Mr. Currie was very calm and considerate and I had complete confidence in him. He works with a lovely team and my follow up at 6 weeks was wonderful, I felt great!".
Mrs. C.L

"I am feeling absolutely fantastic. I was up and back to work much earlier than I expected. Mr. Currie is so wonderfully professional; I don't feel embarrassed or awkward with him. I have been operated on by him before and I am almost sorry I don't need his services anymore. He really is brilliant."
Mrs. J.G

"My day to day life has been completely transformed since my operation; the results are beyond what I believed. No one should delay in having this procedure if they are suffering. Mr. Currie has a very kind and considerate bedside manner, he was very understanding".
Mrs. C.L

"After Mr. Currie was recommended to me I was seen very quickly. He put me at ease and things have been brilliant since my operation. Thank you for changing my life!"
Mrs. J.R

"My operation has changed my life - I can cough, sneeze and don't just have to stand still when I go out! I recovered quickly from a procedure that is easy to go through with Mr. Currie".
Mrs. L.R

"My experience of my recent TVT procedure couldn't have been easier. From the first consultation my mind was put at ease that this was the right procedure for me and Mr. Currie's open and accessible manner certainly re-assured that. The procedure and recovery time was so short I was back in the gym within 3 weeks! I'd urge anyone who is quietly 'putting up' with stress incontinence to seek out this treatment as soon as possible and end the worry and discomfort of occasional leaking for good."
Mrs. J.H

"I was incredibly worried about the operation I needed. I was told Mr. Currie is the most highly regarded and it has been the best thing I have ever done. My whole experience has been utterly life-changing"
Miss L.K.

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